Counselling / Psychotherapy service in North West London (face to face and online counselling via Skype and Teams)

Balancing the needs of work, family and friends while taking care of our own needs can be a challenge at the best of times. A crisis or stressful events, unsatisfactory relationships or difficult losses can make us feel anxious, angry or depressed. We may experience painful feelings or intrusive thoughts that exhaust us emotionally. At times painful feelings or difficult interpersonal interactions may repeat in destructive patterns. At other times we may be aware of a feeling of emptiness or discontent but struggle to know what to do about it.

Asking for professional help is often not easy. We may feel embarrassed, unsure or simply prefer other ways of dealing with our problems. In considering whether or not to seek professional help it is important to weigh up the cost of taking action versus not taking action. Ignoring problems in the hope they will go away may cost us far more in the long run. 

Whatever your reasons for considering counselling or therapy at this time, I will support you in working through your difficulties to find lasting solutions. I am a qualified and accredited counsellor and psychotherapist with significant experience of helping clients with family problems, couple difficulties, traumatic experiences, losses, addictions, personality disorders, academic problems at school / university, conduct problems in children, abuse and bullying. I have helped clients work through depression, anxiety, anger, obsessions, phobias and panic which they may be experiencing as a result of their difficult experiences. My background also makes me well placed to understand the complexity of issues faced by minority clients and the challenges linked to living and working in a country not your own. I also speak Urdu and French and can understand Hindi and Punjabi. 

I provide both face to face counselling as well as online counselling via Skype and MS Teams.

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"We are not what happened to us but what we choose to become"  C Jung