Support group facilitation

Experiencing crises, interpersonal difficulties or mental health problems can be very isolating. It can therefore be helpful to meet other people who understand what it's like to struggle to cope. Support groups provide people with a confidential and non-judgmental space where they can voice their difficulties, share ideas and coping strategies and provide empathic support to one another. They can also promote interpersonal and communication skills and build self-confidence.

Groups require an attendance commitment from members and have clear ground-rules which create an atmosphere of trust and safety. They may be run for members sharing common issues or for general support and can be very helpful for the following:

  • members coping with anxiety and depression
  • parents / single parents
  • people suffering from bereavement or other important losses
  • anger management
  • people with difficulties in interpersonal relationships
  • domestic violence survivors or perpetrators
  • ex-addicts who wish to remain abstinent
  • carers
  • refugees

I have experience of developing support group protocols, recruiting members and group facilitation.